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Affordable small business tech support for companies who can't afford an inhouse IT Staff or small businesses looking for additional support to work with their IT Department. HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC has over twenty years in small business IT support. Our Consultations are always FREE for new and existing customers!

We offer a wide range of services to meet the support needs of small businesses such as server support, network support, malware protection, and best practices.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Technet, and Malwarebytes Techbench program for knowledge base support.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC

Your Small Business support, security, and protection is Our Mission

Phone Support

Customers who are comfortable working with tech support on the phone can call our phone support services for troubleshooting computer issues. If during the call we determine the issue will require onsite support or Inhouse services, we will waive the phone support fee and dispatch a tech at your request.

Existing customers can use our phone support services to go through support steps and instructions from a previous onsite support call or to begin an new request to provide important information to prepare a new support case.

Onsite Support

Our onsite support services are just like having an IT Staff on call. We offer small businesses the same level of support that can be found at businesses with an inhouse IT Department, or we can be an extension of support to an existing IT Staff.

We can provide onsite services that lead to solutions for Operating System, Server, Network, and Software Application issues plus Device and Hardware troubleshooting support. For more affordable rates we also offer Inhouse Services

We work with other vendors if additional support and parts are needed.

Onsite services can be requested by phone or email with our Contact Form.

FREE Consultations

Consultations are free for new customers looking for tech support services and for existing customers looking for advice on new installations or how to best proceed with a new support case.

Consultations will always be FREE!

There will never be a fee or charge until work begins on a support case or project.

For more information about our support services or to schedule a free consultation, Contact Us today!


Small Business Support Services

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Phone and Onsite Services

We can guide a customer through troubleshooting steps on the phone or provide onsite support for a wide range of tech support issues.

Inhouse Services are also available at more affordable rates.

OS and Sotware Support

Both PC and MAC support for Microsoft Windows, Linux Workstation, and Apple Macintosh OSX. We also support software applications from major software vendors. If a business operates with open source software, we can provide support for those applications too.

Desktop and Servers

Desktop and Server support for Microsoft Windows Active Directory Network environments and support for major hardware vendors.

Network Support

Small business network support for routers, switches, and servers. Network services supported include Active Directory and external DNS, DHCP, Email, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and more.

Security and Privace

Security services include password policy and security/privacy best practices with employee awareness for a more secure network environment. Software audits to detect out of support software and licensing issues, patch management, traffic monitoring, and more.

Malware Removal

Malware removal is our passion! We offer FREE Malware scans to our customers for their peace of mind. We can audit malware/anti-virus solutions and policies currently being used for advice on how to proceed to make those solutions more secure to best avoid future infections. We can work with employees on best practices to avoid future malware breaches.

Device and Hardware

We can troubleshoot device and hardware issues and will work with hardware vendors on issues with their products.

Vendors and Parts

If we determine an issue requires repair services, we will work with hardware vendors and local repair services so small businesseses will never be left without an answer or response to their hardware support needs.

Employee Best Practices

Software and hardware solutions is just a small part in keeping a network secure from hackers and malware. The human element also plays a big part in network security. We can help with best practices and employee education.

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Affordable tech support with security and protection a priority.

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Your support, security and protection is Our Mission!

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