Terms Of Service

Customer agrees to the following terms:

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC is not responsible for and cannot be held liable for any loss or corruption of data. HomeFront Cyber can backup customer data before any work is performed to assure there is no data loss if requested. The backup will be deleted upon completion of work.

 Most work is best performed at HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC to avoid unnecessary labor charges. During service of a device, there may be periods of time that we are waiting on a device to finish a task, such as a scan, data copy, or installation. If service is done in our shop, those periods will not be applied to be charged as labor costs. If service is done on-site at the customer location, all time will be billed at the current hourly rate in addition to our current travel fee. Contact Us for our current hourly rates and fees.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security will provide an estimate for service and repair if requested during free consultations before any service or repairs begin. Estimates are not guaranteed. HomeFront Cyber cannot be responsible for any unforeseen issues that may arise during the course of a service or repair. If service requires exceeding original estimate, HomeFront Cyber will contact the customer for approval to proceed before any additional work is performed.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security charges a one time call fee for all new job tickets before hourly rates are applied.

Full payment is due upon completion of services or repairs. The customer’s device will remain in HomeFront Cyber’s possession until full payment is received. There will be a $30 service charge for all returned checks.

If Customer pays by credit card, HomeFront Cyber will add the current transaction fee to the invoice according to the latest fees charged by the service HomeFront Cyber uses. HomeFront Cyber currently uses Square for all credit card transactions and their current transaction fees can be found on the Square website and on HomeFront Cyber invoices.

After a service or repair is complete, the customer must take delivery or pick up the device within 7 days or there will be a storage fee of $10.00 a day due to limited storage space.

If payment is not received within 30 days of the date of invoicing, HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC will take action under Pennsylvania law to obtain possession of any and all equipment related to the job. Said equipment may be sold to cover any outstanding payments not received. All personal data will be destroyed to protect your privacy. We will make every effort to contact you, but if we are not able to reach you within this timeline, HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC will take action to obtain possession.

Customer states there is no illegal activity on devices HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC services or repairs. Customer understands HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC is obligated to report unlawful activities to the proper authorities if discovered during the course of servicing or repairing a device.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC stores some personal information on our systems for service and billing purposes which is limited to name, address, phone number, device information and device serial numbers. HomeFront Cyber takes privacy seriously and will make every effort to keep all customer related data stored on our systems secure and private. We do not and will never store credit card information on our systems.

Occasionally HomeFront Cyber posts photos of devices we service or we occasionally mention our customers on our social media pages to promote our customers and our services. HomeFront Cyber will request customer permission before posting any photos or information on our pages.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC offers the following warranty periods:

    • Labor
        30-day warranty: All work is covered by a labor-only 30-day warranty. If the same problem reoccurs within 30 days of the original repair invoice, HomeFront Cyber Support And Security will only charge for any additional parts that may be required. Excludes faults caused by hardware, software, virus and end-user errors.

    • Hardware
        ◦ Faulty hardware may be exchanged during the vendor return period (usually 30 days from when the product was purchased/ordered by HomeFront Cyber). After that, it will revert to the manufacturer warranty (if applicable), which HomeFront Cyber Support will handle for customer.

    • Virus Removal
        ◦ 15-day warranty: This applies to the same infection only. Your computer will always have active and up-to-date anti-malware software before it leaves HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC. If you do not have a current paid antivirus solution in place, we offer an installation of free antivirus software, with the option of purchasing paid licensed protection at the customers discretion. HomeFront Cyber will advise customers on safe Internet habits and will install free or open source safety tools to support you in avoiding reinfection. Typically, Internet surfing habits are the main cause of virus infection, so you may become re-infected if your surfing habits remain unchanged. Only the original virus or malware removed by HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC is covered by our 15-day warranty. New infections, and even the same infection occurring outside of 15 days, will be considered a new job.
HomeFront Cyber offers free 30 minutes of phone support for 10 days after all services and repairs.
Warranty Exclusions
HomeFront Cyber Support And Security warranty does not cover the following:

    • Accidental damage (i.e., liquid damage component damage/failure due to misuse, drops, etc.)
    • Damage caused by power surges or spikes
    • Loss or damage due to negligence, accidents, or “acts of God”

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC reserves the right to make changes to these Terms Of Service.

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