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The recent news about internet privacy issues has sparked a serious debate recently about how personal data is being used and shared across the digital landscape. HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC takes security and privacy seriously and supports online privacy. We will never sell or share customer data. Any personal information we need to store for tech support purposes is stored in a password protected database on our internal devices. We do not store any customer data on our internet sites and it is not possible to access our internal database remotely. Customers who pay for services with a credit card can be assured that HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC does not store any credit card information on any of our devices or servers. All credit card transactions are processed through Square and their security and privacy policy can be found at

Although HomeFront Cyber Support And Security does not store customer data on our website, email address and public IP of anyone who browses our website or sends an email via our online contact forms is logged by our webhost and out of our control. This is standard practice of any webhost and not exclusive to the host we use. Customers who register for our online forums will be asked to provide a username and email address which is also stored by our webhost. We use Godaddy webhost and email services.

For tech support purposes, we store name, address, phone number and email address of customers. We also store product names and serial numbers of the products that we service for our customers.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC provides installation and configuration as a service and may register customer devices or software with third party vendors for support purposes which usually includes registering customer name and email address. We will always seek permission prior to customer device or software registration and customers are always free to opt out and register products on their own.

We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if there is a violation of our Terms of Service.

HomeFront Cyber Support And Security LLC reserves the right to make changes to this policy.

Questions or concerns about this policy can be sent to

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