Security And Privacy

Installation and Configuration

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Security and Internet Privacy in Windows, OSX,
and Linux Workstation

  1. FREE MALWARE SCAN - using our recommended anti-malware software to determine if a malware infection is present or for customer peace of mind.
  2. ANTI-VIRUS MAIN APPLICATION - support for the most common anti-virus applications.
  3. ANTI-MALWARE UTILITIES - secondary anti-malware and anti-spyware utilities to remove all traces of malware, spyware, virus, and trojan infections.
  4. FIREWALL - support, configuration, and recommendations for software firewall applications.
  5. OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATES - installation of the most recent updates to be sure operating systems are patched for the most recent security vulnerabilities.
  6. SOFTWARE APPLICATION UPDATES - installation of the most recent updates to be sure applications are at the most current version an patched for the most recent security vulnerabilities.
  7. BROWSER SECURITY AND PRIVACY - advice and configuration for the most secure and private browsing experience.
  8. EMAIL SECURITY - advice and configuration for email security.
  9. APPLICATION SANDBOXING - isolating applications such as web browsers to avoid malware infections if possible.
  10. BEST PRACTICES - advice and recommendations to inform customers on how to best avoid security privacy breaches.

Malware Removal Services

Internet Security, Virus Prevention, Malware Prevention, and Ransomeware Prevention is our passion! Contact Us for a Free Malware Scan for peace of mind and to make sure your current Anti-Virus Software is protecting you from the latest Threats!

If you are currently battling a Malware Infection, you can also request an estimate for our Malware Removal Services.

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